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Toronto-based songwriter and producer jav3x (jaah-vecks) is one of the most diverse artists found within today’s electronic dance genre. jav3x possesses the ability to blend power, emotion and creativity seamlessly through his distinct sound.


Starting at the age of 12, jav3x began his production journey in his bedroom after watching a deadmau5 livestream. From this point on, his true passion was unveiled. Renald began to teach himself how to write and produce, creating music that will someday inspire others.


After his strong tenure in the progressive house scene, jav3x began to experiment with different styles after gaining inspiration from other genres. Through this, he discovered a new love through EDM and pop. Taking a four-year hiatus from releasing music, it was time for jav3x to come out of hibernation. In 2021, he independently released his first single under his new image, Die Young , which showcases his new found professional sound, marking the beginning of a new era for jav3x.


Fresh off his debut, jav3x had the opportunity to put his own spin on Mokita ’s sleepwalking with Mike Kinsella of American Football. sleepwalking (jav3x remix) has garnered over 200k streams, with his music amassing over 930k streams worldwide. Shortly after, jav3x released his originals Broken Wings and Real Love, which surpassed 10k streams each. His latest single, Sooner or Later, proves that there is no force stopping him from reaching his true potential.


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