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Renald Joseph Benedicto, a musician, songwriter, and producer of electronic music located in Toronto, started as jav3x (jaah-vecks) in the early 2010s. He spent most of his adolescence learning how to play piano and guitar until he began producing music in 2011. After a decade-long tenure in the progressive house sub-genre, jav3x has transformed into his current sound, Pop EDM. 

Since then, jav3x secured official remixes for Mokita ’s Sleepwalking and Carla Morrison’s Encontrarme, amassing over 1.5 million plays. He then worked on Can't Forget, his collaboration with GhostDragon and Daye, which had been released on Wave Music's label: Paradise Music. The track has been featured on Spotify’s Pixel Garden editorial playlist amongst powerhouse artists such as Porter Robinson and Skrillex. After experiencing great success, jav3x and Daye went on to collaborate again on Something's Different, bridging pop ballads and electronic dance music together.

He then produced two originals, Finding Hope and Want Me or Not with Lexi Scatena, proving his signature sound had now been cemented through strength and emotion. 

jav3x hosted his debut live concert in Toronto on November 30th, 2023 at the Revival Bar and Lounge. With performances by Lexi Scatena and Celestial, a DJ based in Toronto, he's evolving into the next phase of his career with live performances. For more information, go to


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